Saturday, September 5, 2009

Eagles photo

Isn't he cute!!!

OOPs downloaded two eagle photos.

I have used the Eagles photo I created in photoshop, to make a quilt top. It is a collage of my hand dyed fabrics, with the photo in the center. I added some silloettes of larger eagles cut outs on either side, with branches reaching into the picture. It is all in bright colors of magenta, purple, teal, and lime green. The quilting will help define the branches, so they don't melt into the upper background. I haven't decided about adding a few pink flowers on the lime green leaves, it might be too distracting from the eagles in the center. I have finally found a great artist quilts photo book, it has the style of quilting I really admire, to use my own landscape photographs and colors, and altering them in an artistic way. I can do most of the manipulations on my Microsoft photo editor, and MS Paint programs, but I will have to get Adobe Photoshop Elements to do alot of it. The book is Artistic Photo Quilts by Charlotte Ziebarth. The previous books I have gotten show, scrap book kind of things, cut and paste, cutesy, or too complicated So you can't even recognize your photos. Last weekend we went to the local animal park and I took alot of photos, just playing with my new camera. The flamingo and alligator pics turned out real good. Also they had a baby camel, so cute!!! He came right up to the fence so we could pet him, he has huge blue eyes, and long lashes, so soft to pet, but you still wanted to be careful he didn't spit, ha ha ha.