Sunday, September 23, 2012

Linoleum Block Stamps

I started with a photograph of a crow on a branch, and was working on photo transfer, using gel medium. I transferred to a piece of paper for my sketchbook, and it came out very clear, but to finish it off, I wanted to make a crow stamp. So I got out my linoleum blocks and carving tools, and used an image from my gelli print masks. The carving went well and I made a second image on the back of the linoleum. It is so thick, it is a waste not to make the stamps two sided. The second image was traced from one of my photographs. I made several prints on paper to check them out, if I use them on fabric I will use black paint instead of ink.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

More Ice Dyeing

Several ladies from Fyber Cafe came over to do some more ice dyeing, as they missed the workshop. We did silk scarves and a shawl, silk yarn, cotton muslin, and almost a kitten.

The pinks are all mine, I put a bunch of scraps together in one basket, so they came out similar, I used fuchsia, red, and burgundy dye. My cheesecloth came out peach, and I got one muslin with bronze dye, that came out a rich salmon color. I tried some silk hankies, in plastic strawberry baskets, but now I don't know what to do with them. They are not handkerchiefs they are layers of silk fiber for spinning. For more info see there are more photos posted.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Sketching Blog

After posting two blogs on my recent sketches I decided I would start yet another blog. it took me several days to scan in my 50+ sketches and get them posted. I have always had a notebook in my purse, for quilt ideas, quilting patterns, sketches, to do lists, etc... But it was lined paper and ball point pen. After finding several blogs on sketching, and getting the book "the Artists Journal Workbook" by Cathy Johnson, I decided I wanted to practice my drawing skills, and try to add a little color to my notebook. I do mostly original designs in my art quilts, and have been trying to use my photographs in my recent quilts, so sketching patterns is important, composition, balance, proportion, all the "BASICS" of good design. I think regular sketching will help me with all the basics. I can see improvement already in my drawing skills, and I'm getting better with the watercolor paints. So I will leave this blog to my art quilting, and if you want to check out my sketches go to the other blog. Check out our group blog for "Fyber Cafe" a textile arts group, here in Roseburg, Oregon. at-- Also check out to see how painted fabric can make wonderful quilts. Her paintings, classes & student work, and "Route 66" project are awesome.