Saturday, September 6, 2014

Resist Dyeing - Day 3

Finally, a few moments to get on the computer. With school starting up, it has been a very busy week. I drive school bus, which gives me a lot of time in my week to quilt, as I drive a split shift, morning and afternoon. Four hours off, in the middle of the day is a wonderful luxury, but makes for a LONG day. Of coarse the kids were so excited, in all their new clothes and shoes with fluorescent shoelaces. I have a set of kindergarten twin girls this year, so cute!! And then nature hit us with a 100 degree day on Friday, whew! HOT!! The Pacific North West is not really used to that weather. So getting an extra day to dye fabric last week was a wonderful opportunity to play, before going back to work.
Another day of resist dyeing, was scheduled so we could finish up some of our pieces, with extra layers, and if we had time to make a few additional fat quarters. This was made with sugar syrup in a squeeze bottle with multiple tines on it, they are used for dyeing hair. I wish I had used it more, I love the technique, to make multiple lines and curves. You get a similar result with a comb pick dragged through paint on a Gelli print. I knew it would only get one layer of resist, so I used many colors of dye on it.
I made this green bubbles piece, with soy wax resist. I used many different circle makers, lids, tubes, and cookie cutters. The first layer was a bright green dye, then more wax to preserve the colored circles, then over dyed with a dark forest green.
Green grids, was also only one layer of resist and dye. I used soy wax with a piece of metal grid to make the resist print.
A last minute quickie done in soy wax. The print is a sandwich cutter, that removes the crust and cuts on the diagonal. It made a very interesting overlapping print. I also used the squiggly straw from the dollar store.
This one is interesting, I used potato dextrin to print with a sponge, that had a rectangular pattern cut out of it. The sponge left a grainy print. So there is lots of texture to this one. I colored in the sections, with different dyes, then added more resist, and a dark navy blue final dye. This did not go as planned, do they ever? But I really like the darker area, but all the color is very blotchy. It's an experiment anyway, just playing around.
I began with a piece of plastic construction fence, to block of squares on a pale yellow piece of fabric. Then orange dye and more soy wax resist. The hot pink and magenta was last, brushed on with a foam brush in squarish shapes. This one really glows when up to the light. I am trying to think of how to preserve that effect, when I make something out of it.
Multiple layers of soy wax over a pale yellow fabric. Then orange dye, and more wax and then a dark rust over dyed. The design of coarse is a wire potato masher, in different directions and a second stamping for a lighter application of wax.
A pic of the colored bubbles with the first dye applied, then it was coated with more soy wax to preserve the color in the bubbles. The dark navy blue dye only covered the space between the bubbles. This is my favorite piece!! So colorful! I made this after seeing Meredith's multi colored piece. We had another great day of dyeing, it was worth it to go back, and apply additional layers to some of the fabric we had already dyed last week.