Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sewing Room Diagram

Goofing around in my sketch book, I decided to diagram my sewing room. The scan did not pickup the delicate colors of the colored pencil I used, the green cutting mat and the blue ironing board cover. My room is FULL, to the top! It is clear to the ceiling, on every wall. The fabric is stuffed so tight into the shelves, I cannot slide in another piece of fabric. There are also piles of boxes & bags of supplies, piled in the SE & NW corners of the room. It is organized but not neat, all the boxes are labeled clearly, colors are organized, and supplies are accessible. I have a large old steel desk in the middle of the room, my "Work Space" It has a cutting mat, rulers, and a basket of small supplies, brushes, pens, scissors, etc... In the corner is my sewing table, with my BIG tool box next to it, my thread racks, and to the left my ironing board. On the wall behind the sewing table is my design wall. It is not full height, but it is adequate for me, a small bookcase is in front of it. The other walls have 5 large metal shelves, FULL of fabric and shoe & pizza boxes of supplies and half finished projects. My County Fair and Show ribbons are above the door(no wasted space) and a cork board behind the door. It is a working room, not a show room, I have room for one person to sit opposite me at the table to work, and I mentor a young girl in textile arts. It does not have beautiful quilts on the wall, just projects on the design wall. It does not have a cozy sitting area, just an office chair to swivel between my sewing table and work table. It is my LIFE to be creative!
Several years ago, we put in new windows, so I got to cleanup the NE corner, and paint that section of wall. I also made new curtains, the old ones were so old they disintegrated in my hands. It really brightened up the room, you can also see some of the mess in the room. A messy person is a creative person, as I pull out paints, bits of lace, beads, and all the other embellishments, my mind combines them into a beautiful work of art. I can almost always find the things I am looking for, remember organized, but not neat.

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