Sunday, March 13, 2016

International Fairy Tale Challenge

click here for the post by Kathie Kerler, on the 30 U.S. quilts in the International Fairy Tale Challenge, she also has posts about most of the individual quilts, so check her blog posts. Mine is the bottom row, middle. The Cottager and the Cat" an Icelandic fairy tale.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


I am stalled, not uninspired, just stalled. I have two deadline pieces to finish and they are a road block to doing anything else first. I have to do them, but just don't feel in the mood. I finally added backing and batting to one of them today, but did I sit down to start the free motion quilting, NOT. They have prevented me from doing anything else that I want to do, I've been inspired by blogs, painting fabric, dyeing fabric with friends, spring weather. I usually work well with a deadline, I work even better than usual, but not this time. I know it will be fun and easy to do the quilting on this wall hanging, but the creative part of picking fabric and creating my picture is done, so I am kinda done with it too. I am not a great finisher, I usually start other projects when I procrastinate, but not this time. It has prevented me from doing any thing else ??? what am I doing different or Not doing? Maybe just part of the depression of losing my husband, I thought I could bury my self in the quilting, work, work, work, but that has not been the case. I am set up in APATHY, and don't want to break the doldrums. So today I decided to break the routine and go for a drive up river, I went to a riverside park and did a small sketch, then painted in the watercolors, and inked it. My watercolors always look better with ink, I like the clean lines and definition it gives my art work.
5" x 7" watercolor sketchbook, 3-6-2016, "Rock Creek at Swiftwater Park" the scanner does not show the subtle shading of the water and the falls, it looks so much better in person. I have been unhappy with my scanner for a while, it just does not pick up light colors. I hope this little bit of creativity will jump start my "get up an go."