Saturday, May 11, 2013

Play Day at Meredith's

Whoeee! I had fun at Meredith's, for detailed description see the Fyber Cafe blog. We did ice dyeing, discharge with decolourant, and bleeding tissue paper. I mostly worked on T-shirts, ice dyeing the light ones, and discharging the darker ones. I used several stencils, and decolourant, I really like the red one with the spirograph pattern. I think I will further embellish at least one of the ice dyed ones. I did ten fat quarters of white cotton, in several group colorways. One set had jet black, warm black and bronze, then on two of the pieces I added warm yellow, and two others I added orange. I wanted rich deep colors, a few of them did come out dark, but several were lighter. The next set of colors I used was turquoise, bright green and navy, on two pieces I added bright purple, and on the others I added fuchsia. Having a set of coordinated colors, gives me several options to create a cohesive art piece. Playing with the bleeding tissue paper was fun, we applied ripped pieces with water, and the colors blended. Unfortunately I rinsed mine after removing the tissue, and lost most of the color. At the end of the day my hands were very colorful! It washed out quickly by the next day, but stayed in my cuticles for a week.