Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Begining of a River

Our newest challenge for the Fyber Cafe group is themed "A River runs Through It" We have each been given a section, 14" wide with a section of river, that flows continuously from section to section. I began mine with layers of my hand dyed fabric for a night sky, and a full moon, then Bali batiks for dark layers of landscaped hills in the background. Scraps of the river fabric curved gently across the piece, and then I added grey and white birch tree fabric. I added trees to the right side for balance, and almost stopped here, because I really liked the graphic quality. But it needed more to blend the trees and river, and I wanted to add rocks and ferns, and stuff in the foreground. It is a good start, and I'll fussy cut fabrics and add details as I go along.