Sunday, January 27, 2013

Apricot Moons

A small, 8" x 10" journal page, made from a "gelli" plate mono print. In pale yellow/gold under printing, and masked with 3 round circles, and printed with a coral/peach acrylic paint. Raw edge applique with 2 branches in rust batik, and green leaves. Embellished with 2 folded flower buds and two 4-bud petaled flowers. Beaded in the center of the flowers and around the largest moon. A thread painted dragonfly is in the top left corner, with loose wings.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Drawstring Bags Finished!

I finished one of my projects, I had three draw string bags, almost done, I had to finish stitching one of them, and knot, fray check and thread the cording through the casing on all of them. I had found less expensive cording at Wal-Mart, it was very expensive at Joann's. One of the ladies in our group suggested using the colorful shoe laces the kids are wearing now-a-days, they looked great on her bags. I'm glad they are done, ready made gifts for when the moment arrives.

One of the fabrics is two inch strips of orangey batiks, the second is 4" strips of bright tree frogs, and the third is Mary Englebrite fabrics.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Annual New Years Resolution

I have had the same resolution for the last several years, but it seams to work for me so why stop now. To start a project is easy, to finish it is the chore. I seam to loose interest when it gets tedious, but the details adds so much to a project. So I have my share of UFO's (unfinished objects in the quilt world) More than my share actually. So my resolution has been to finish a bunch of projects, to finish at least two before I start something new, and then I have to finish the new one too. In years past I have been able to get about 6 projects finished before I get distracted and go off on a tangent, but that is better than not finishing them at all. Sometimes it just means getting a top finished, and not quilted, but any progress on a project is not wasted time. Sometimes projects just need binding and a label, and sometimes I have to realize this one is no good or will NEVER get finished and I have to accept that too. Letting go is sometimes the best feeling, and not to feel guilty about the effort and fabric you have already put into it. I also try to do some of the ones that are closest to being done. But I am easily distracted, especially now I am doing art quilts, the ideas buzz around so much, it is hard to focus on one project. Having a challenge in our textile arts group "Fyber Cafe" has helped to focus me, and deadlines help too. But I like to just PLAY with new techniques and colors, and the next new idea. I have lots of patience when I want to concentrate and meet a deadline, or times when I know if I stop in the middle of something I will never go back to it, so I better stick with it NOW. I have finished some BIG projects over the years, hand applique masterpieces, pieced quilt with thousands of pieces, from king size to over beaded wall hangings, but now I know to try smaller things, easier to finish projects, and stuff that doesn't need much hand work. I love hand work, applique and beading, silk ribbon embroidery, but arthritis is killing my hands, so sadly I do more machine work now. So... time to go thru the closet and see what I can find, make a list, and cross stuff off as I finish it, that is such a GOOD feeling! Happy New Year! AMY

Life Line

I got this idea from the book "The Complete Photo Guide to Art Quilting" by Susan Stein. It is an accordion folded booklet with a continuous line of stitching making the pattern. I did some quick sketches on paper then divided my fabric into six 6" sections by 5" tall, I used black thread and free motion stitched my design over a disappearing ink. I used a heavy stiff iron on stabilizer behind the muslin. It was quick and fun, then I added watercolor pencils to roughly add color, and went over them with a wet Q-tip, extra color in the sky and grass added more color.

Then one day I decided to paint the backing fabric, just to have fun and add color and texture. I used several base colors, just swished the paint on with a foam brush, then printed several large flower stamps and a bird on a branch. Texturizing the rest of the fabric with sequin waste stencil, rubber grid prints, and large plastic grid added lots of detail and filled in the background. I used some silver metallic acrylic paint last to give it a little shimmer.

To finish it off, I folded the front and back together, with no batting, and stitched the page brakes top to bottom. Then I satin stitched with variegated rayon thread around the entire edge, and finished it with a button clasp and a scrunchi loop. It was a fun quick project and I really like the playful way the stitching looks and the colorful backing.