Saturday, March 21, 2015

Paper Mache Bowl

On the Gelli Arts blog click herethey had a tutorial on making a paper mache bowl, covered in paper printed on the Gelli plate. I had an "Ah ha" moment and thought about using the triangle fabric scraps from my prayer flags. I began by covering one of my stainless steel bowls with plastic wrap, and cutting 2" strips of newspaper. I dipped the paper in a 50/50 mix of white Elmers glue and water. The paper went on quickly and I tried to get at least 4 layers of paper on all parts of the bowl. Left to dry over night, it was a tight squeeze, trying to get it off the metal bowl, it must have shrunk when it dried. It was stiff enough to use as a base for the fabric, and I began gluing small bits of fabric on the outside. For this I used a matt gel medium, to adhere as well as coat the fabric. Dry time, and then coated the inside of the bowl with fabric.
The shape warped a bit, adding the wet medium softened up the paper mache, so I put it back on the bowl to help it keep its round shape. I coated everything with 2 layers of mat medium. Tipped it over and coated the insides too. It had a bit of a rough texture, that I thought Mod Podge would even out, as it is thicker and made for just that use. Unfortunately the Mod Podge I had was glossy, I'm not sure I like it. They do make it in Satin and Matt finish though.
I added a strip of darker blue around the rim, with a wavy cut edge. More coats of sealer. I am not finished with it, I am going to glue on around the edge, various blue buttons and beads. At least I don't need to sew them by hand. So it was a fun little project, using up some scraps, but I don't know if I would do a second one, but it was fun to experiment.
I am going to link this with Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday" click on the badge in the right hand column to see what other wonderful textile artists are doing this week.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rest in Peace, Charlie

My wonderful husband of 28 years, passed away March 10, 2015, after a year long battle with lung cancer. The last year has been wonderful as we spent many weekends at the Oregon coast, or just driving around the mountains, and also many visits with his family from California. The last 3 months have been a challenge as he was in hospice care at home, then the last month in the hospice unit at the VA hospital, as I could not manage all his care alone. I spent nearly all my time at the VA this past month, and was getting very worn out. Now I can start to pull my life back together, a week off of work to relax and do a few things for myself. Like the grocery shopping I haven't done for over a month, and catching up on laundry. I managed to go to lunch with a few of my quilting buddies and catch up with them, as I missed the last meeting of our art group. Next month is the UMPQUA VALLEY QUILTERS' GUILD Show, April 10,11, & 12 in Roseburg, Oregon. Fyber Cafe, our art group, will have a section for displaying the last three challenges we did over the past year. I have managed to work on a few little pieces, I'll try to get pics posted soon, a paper mache bowl, covered in the triangle scraps from the prayer flags, and progress on my "Flotsam" piece that will be in the show. One week of work, and then "Spring Break" off from driving school bus, so that will be FUN time, as I get back to my art work.