Saturday, January 16, 2010

BJ's Baby Portrait

OOps.. downloaded 2 pictures of the sketch

I am making a small wall hanging with a painted portrait of a friend's dog for her birthday. i started with a small photograph, scanned it and enlarged it. Then I made a sketch on clear plastic sheet of the picture, then scanned the sketch and enlarged that one. I try not to make dog pictures larger than life size, so I kept to a small 8" x 10" format. Next I traced the sketch onto muslin with a permanent fabric marker and painted it with acrylic paints. I used Elmer's school glue to outline baby, then painted the teal background, this acted as a resist so the paint wouldn't bleed onto the white dog. The school glue is washable, so to remove it I soaked it in soapy water, but because I had not heat set the acrylic, a lot of the color washed out too. I wasn't sure if the ironing would affect the glue or not. Next time heat set first, then wash out. I had to repaint a lot of the background color. Painting the dog was a challenge, because she is basically white, but I added some beige paint and got nice shadow and texture. After I quilt the eyes and nose will get a dab of "Fray Check" seam sealer on them, this gives a glossy "wet" look. The pink "pillow" is really her arm in the photograph, but looks ok like a pillow, when it is detached from the photograph. I usually quilt with dark gray thread, but I am considering a beige/tan thread, cause I don't want it to be too dark when I stitch in the face. I've downloaded the original photograph, the sketch, and the painted, but not quilted fabric. Quilting will give it a lot of detail and texture. This has been a fun little project. I am sure BJ will be surprised and very happy, she loves her little "Baby"

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