Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lily From My Photo

Center stitching

Back stitching

Before stitching

The course of the summer I worked on several other projects. To use my photos in my quilts has been my goal for this year. I used a picture of a lily that I took at the Masters Gardener's Discovery Gardens. It is very large, similar to a "Stargazer" lily but not quite. I made a pattern from the photo by tracing an 8 x 10 copy onto clear plastic with a Sharpie pen. I scanned that into my computer and blew it up into a four panel (8 x 10) 16 x 20 I used raw edge applique to design the flower in shades of peachy/pink mostly Bali batik fabrics. The background is a sage green with gold splotchy areas and little specks of metallic gold. I added two flower buds to the composition, at the same diagonal line as the stems, to add continuity of line. The quilting was a challenge. I used four shades of pink/mauve/peach to thread paint and blend the color changes on the flower petals. I did not just outline them as I usually do. The rayon threads added a lot of texture and shine to the petals. The stems and leaves were done in several shades of green and the background in pale gray green with a small stipple. I used a black solid fabric for the back and changed bobbin thread to match the front stitching. This drew a gorgeous flower on the back in intense quilting stitches.

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