Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sea, Sand and Light

the photo is a little yellow, it is really a soft golden brown, on the sand and borders

I have been working on the final quilting of my photo collage of the Coquille River Lighthouse at Bandon, Oregon. It is surrounded by other photos of beachy stuff, rocks, driftwood, feathers and shells, seaweed, foamy surf, and waving grasses. The machine quilting with rayon thread is very dense, when ever I quilt a photo there is so much detail to outline and thread paint. If a picture is worth a thousand words, it is easily worth a thousand yards of thread too. The thread helps blend the individual photos together. I have added pieces of white cheese cloth and hand dyed green cheesecloth to the seaweed, foam and bushes in front of the lighthouse. This extra texture is wonderful, and it extends from picture to picture, letting the water foam and the foliage blend the areas together. I will add beads to the foam and driftwood, to give texture to the sand, seaweed, and a pearl to the oyster shell. The embellishments will really add another dimension to the photos/quilt.

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