Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I've been working on beading several projects, trying to finish them up. A few beads at a time, my hand cramps up pretty good, after 10 minutes. So I only do a little bit, several times a day. The lighthouse quilt, is taking lots of beads in the water/foam and the sand. Some shells and bits and pieces of other stuff add interest in the rocks, and pebbles. I've added one feather so far and am looking for a few more small ones. Texture is the name of the game here, not sparkle, the clear glass beads are almost unnoticeable but add lots of texture, a pearl, here and there draws your eye. On the quilt "To Nurture and Protect II" lots of colored beads have been added in "swooshes" they sweep across each color layer in various sizes and textures. I'm almost finished, just a few more details, then I think I'll re-felt with the needle felting machine to reattach parts that have come loose. Several pics of the beading are included here.

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