Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Annual New Years Resolution

I have had the same resolution for the last several years, but it seams to work for me so why stop now. To start a project is easy, to finish it is the chore. I seam to loose interest when it gets tedious, but the details adds so much to a project. So I have my share of UFO's (unfinished objects in the quilt world) More than my share actually. So my resolution has been to finish a bunch of projects, to finish at least two before I start something new, and then I have to finish the new one too. In years past I have been able to get about 6 projects finished before I get distracted and go off on a tangent, but that is better than not finishing them at all. Sometimes it just means getting a top finished, and not quilted, but any progress on a project is not wasted time. Sometimes projects just need binding and a label, and sometimes I have to realize this one is no good or will NEVER get finished and I have to accept that too. Letting go is sometimes the best feeling, and not to feel guilty about the effort and fabric you have already put into it. I also try to do some of the ones that are closest to being done. But I am easily distracted, especially now I am doing art quilts, the ideas buzz around so much, it is hard to focus on one project. Having a challenge in our textile arts group "Fyber Cafe" has helped to focus me, and deadlines help too. But I like to just PLAY with new techniques and colors, and the next new idea. I have lots of patience when I want to concentrate and meet a deadline, or times when I know if I stop in the middle of something I will never go back to it, so I better stick with it NOW. I have finished some BIG projects over the years, hand applique masterpieces, pieced quilt with thousands of pieces, from king size to over beaded wall hangings, but now I know to try smaller things, easier to finish projects, and stuff that doesn't need much hand work. I love hand work, applique and beading, silk ribbon embroidery, but arthritis is killing my hands, so sadly I do more machine work now. So... time to go thru the closet and see what I can find, make a list, and cross stuff off as I finish it, that is such a GOOD feeling! Happy New Year! AMY

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