Saturday, April 6, 2013

Adding Detail to the River

The "River" piece has been undergoing a lot of details, ferns and rocks at the base of the trees, and along the river. The beautiful teal blue for the base of the water, with strips of the other batiks added for ripples, was a start on making the river come alive. I added turquoise & light green hand dyed cheesecloth, and white cheesecloth for texture, and a few rocks in the middle of the water. I used the cheesecloth to blend the rocks on the river edge to the water, and to make the downward fall of the center "Falls." Stitching in rayon thread will add more detail to the water and clear glass beads will add sparkle. A foreground was added with a larger size print of forest floor plants and branches, a few fall leaves and wild flowers added contrast. I think I will add silk ribbon embroidery flowers. I also added more greenery, because the bottom was very dark brown in color. The next part of the project was to add some deer, a buck and doe, I did not want to just add a pre-made print. I decided to paint over the existing fabric to create a texture, and more hand made feeling to the deer. I still wanted him to look like he is highlighted by the moon, I think it worked out ok. You can see the difference in the photo, before and after painting, stitching will add more outline and detail. I also added two salmon to the river, and tucked them under the cheesecloth, one jumping up the falls, and the other in the lower part of the river. The entire picture is coming together, I have a few more ideas I want to try, some 3-D Tyvek leaves, the embroidery, an uneven top edge, so I'll see what my imagination brings up next.

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