Saturday, June 15, 2013

"River" Details

Here are some closeup photos of my "River Runs Through It" challenge piece for the Fyber Cafe group. Our deadline was Tuesday, and we got 10 out of 15 finished, so that's pretty good. I'll post the finished pieces soon. I was trying at the last minute to get on my binding, label and silk ribbon embroidery. The embroidery is at the bottom, in the flowers, lots of french knots, leaves and stem stitch. The top of the birch trees have two pieces extending above the edge of the piece, they have pipe cleaners in them. I added the painted/melted Tyvek as leaves to help anchor the birch tree extensions. It added a lot of texture. The 3 biggest birch trees are done with trapunto, extra batting behind them, to help them stand out, into the foreground. The hand dyed fabric for the moon, was quilted in a "pebbles" pattern of circles to give texture. The river has hand dyed cheesecloth in green, and plain white, and is quilted in turquoise rayon thread, and clear shiny holographic thread.

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