Saturday, October 4, 2014


After 40 years of quilting, 30 with a rotary cutter, I finally made the big booboo. I was quickly cutting one more strip, before making a sandwich and running back to afternoon work, when my hand slipped off the ruler, and I CUT myself badly, with the rotary cutter, I knew I had hit the bone/finger nail. I still get a shiver up my spine just thinking about it. I ran to the sink, gushing blood, grabbed a paper towel, and yelled at my husband. I wanted him to call Urgent Care and see if they did stitches, or if I needed to go to emergency. He was in a useless panic. I had to flip phone book pages and make the call myself. I also called work to say I wouldn't make it, and they had NO ONE to cover me. I drive school bus, so if no body - no bus. I rushed out and had to drive myself to urgent care, as my husband had just taken some medication and could not drive, but I hauled him along for moral support. And then we caught a TRAIN!! As I sat there with a bloody paper towel wrapped around my finger, and swore up a blue streak!!! Trying to keep my husband calm, helped me to be a little bit calmer. 6 MINUTES!! We sat and waited for the train, and it came to a complete stop, with 4 more cars 'til the end. MORE SWEARING!! All the Doctors, Urgent Care Clinics, and the Hospital are all on the other side of the tracks from me. We live on the "pretty side" going out of town to the mountains. The train finally finished and we rushed in, they had a triage nurse, help me remove the toweling, I had not even looked at it, I just knew it was bad! They got me right in, and I called work to update them, I arranged for one of the mechanics to bring my bus to the Jr. High for me to meet. The nurse helped me clean it up, and said I had held such good pressure on it, she could Super Glue it, instead of 3 or 4 stitches. The stitches would have been a 20 minute delay while numbing it, then a Doc had to come in, other wise she could do it. Any way they were wonderful and quick, I quickly dropped my husband home, and raced for the school, I made it with 2 minutes to spare. I drove with my left index finger in the air, and throbbing some thing fierce, but I made it through the afternoon. So... please everyone be CAREFUL!!

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