Friday, October 9, 2015

Purple Frogs Under the Bridge

Several more Row by Row strips are finished. The Freemont St. Bridge in Portland, Oregon, has paper pieced trees on either side, and lots of fusible bias. The wider pieces were just ironed with a hem. Everything was held in place by lots of pins until I could get it fused down and then stitched. The difficult part was to keep the uprights, vertical and not wavy. This pattern came from A Common Thread. The Purple Frog Quilt Shop in Jefferson, Oregon, could only make a quilt with guess what? Purple frogs! Everyone wanted this pattern, the shop is near Salem, and just off of I-5.
The water lily and dragonfly is from Ruby Street Quilts in Tumwater, Washington. It is a paper pieced hexagon pattern. I love this pattern, I used a white with metallic gold spots for the flowers and a silver metallic with black net print for the dragonfly wings. The photo does not due the beautiful fabrics justice. I ran out of the backing fabric and had to steal some from the back of the applique on another row. I pieced little tiny pieces together to get enough fabric to finish the dragonfly block. The yellow duckies are from Greenbaum's Quilted Forest in Salem, the big bellied ducks are from a primitive painting that Sylvia has, and the duck crossing sign is near by. The Alaska style fish are made with a fusible laser cut pattern. Unfortunately I could not buy the kit, so I had to make my own. The Salmon and Orca were not too difficult to cut out with sharp pointed scissors, but the tiny fin pieces on the halibut took a while, and I simplified it by drawing fewer cuts. It also came out 6" longer, so I must have mixed up the measurements on the attic windows setting. I'll just remove the last border, and I think it will be ok. These are still fun to do, but I want something more creative to occupy my time.

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