Saturday, January 16, 2016

Chicken Wire Auditions

The final two chickens are done, yea! I like the zebra stripe fabric in the black and white chicken's tail. I hope they have some personality, but they are in the background, so are smaller. I still need to finish the eyes, maybe that will give them some spark.
I found a chicken wire print when I was in the Seattle Area, they had a cream color and a blue color background. I got both, but the blue was too intense, a paler sky blue would have been better. So I went with the cream color, but it was a lot of plain background. Deciding to add a wood print fence rails worked out, but it took some auditioning. The first strips I cut were too dark, so I switched to a lighter print.
I wasn't sure about the line going through her face.
I tried angling in the end pieces, it led the eye to the face, but then I thought the top edge of the grass should match the angle.
The final choice is two rails on the fence. With the boarder on, it is now ready for quilting!

I am linking this to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday" check it to see what other talented textile artists are doing. click here


  1. What fun! I love the way you used your fabrics, and I agree; the final fence placement gets the proportions just right. :-)

  2. this is really coming along great! This piece reminds me of my rural roots!