Sunday, March 6, 2016


I am stalled, not uninspired, just stalled. I have two deadline pieces to finish and they are a road block to doing anything else first. I have to do them, but just don't feel in the mood. I finally added backing and batting to one of them today, but did I sit down to start the free motion quilting, NOT. They have prevented me from doing anything else that I want to do, I've been inspired by blogs, painting fabric, dyeing fabric with friends, spring weather. I usually work well with a deadline, I work even better than usual, but not this time. I know it will be fun and easy to do the quilting on this wall hanging, but the creative part of picking fabric and creating my picture is done, so I am kinda done with it too. I am not a great finisher, I usually start other projects when I procrastinate, but not this time. It has prevented me from doing any thing else ??? what am I doing different or Not doing? Maybe just part of the depression of losing my husband, I thought I could bury my self in the quilting, work, work, work, but that has not been the case. I am set up in APATHY, and don't want to break the doldrums. So today I decided to break the routine and go for a drive up river, I went to a riverside park and did a small sketch, then painted in the watercolors, and inked it. My watercolors always look better with ink, I like the clean lines and definition it gives my art work.
5" x 7" watercolor sketchbook, 3-6-2016, "Rock Creek at Swiftwater Park" the scanner does not show the subtle shading of the water and the falls, it looks so much better in person. I have been unhappy with my scanner for a while, it just does not pick up light colors. I hope this little bit of creativity will jump start my "get up an go."

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  1. Sounds like you should just ignore the deadlines for a bit, be kind to yourself and do whatever makes you happy and gets you a bit excited. Your sketch is lovely, and I like the way the inking adds definition.