Saturday, January 21, 2017

Round Robin Totes

Yea, a new computer to play with! It takes some getting used to, a new keyboard, touch screen, and updated software. I was definitely getting withdrawal symptoms, 6 weeks without it. The new challenge for Fyber Café is to do a round robin with a tote bag pattern. We will pass it around with 4 people, each doing the front, back, or each side. Because Clare has volunteered to weave straps/handles for us, I am doing her bag sections, twice the work for me. I began with a 14" front panel, and used curved strips, in her color palette to make a sunset. Each strip has an ironed 1/4" seam, them is stitched with monofilament in a blind hem stitch. I embellished with some satin ribbon and couched rattail cords to add extra curves to the layers.
I embellished the panel with a twisted fabric tree, and 3-D flowers. I made 5 flowers, and 1 large one, in a pretty mauve print.
Needing buttons for the centers, I made a quick trip to Joann's. "Holy moly!" buttons are expensive! The first pack I picked up was $7.50, then I found a $5 pack but I needed two of them, to get the right sizes in the quantity I needed. After a long search I found a nice big pack for $3.50. Jeez, it's for a round robin, I did not want to spend too much on just the buttons.
This tote is for Clare, who is a weaver, so I thought a celtic knot on the side panel was appropriate. I looked through several books to find a pattern I liked, but they only had a small picture, no pattern, so I had to draft it myself. I ended up simplifying it a bit, but I got it to work. I made quiet a few 1/4" wide bias strips, with fusible web on the back, and pinned, then ironed them in place. I love my little pointy Clover iron. It was all stitched on each side of the strip, with clear nylon thread in blind hem stitch.
The finished front and one side. I think she will be happy with it! I am linking this to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday"click here to see what other textile artists are doing with their work this week.

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