Sunday, October 11, 2009

Balloon Ride

Last weekend Charlie and I went to Myrtle Creek Balloon Festival, it was a small local event, they had a small art fair, pancake breakfast and several balloons from Rouge Valley Balloons in Grants Pass/Medford area. They were giving tethered Balloon rides for $4, a great deal for me, I want to go!! It was getting a little breazy, so they were going to shut it down, but took a few last people for rides. I got to go, but we didn't go up very high, you could feel the wind on the balloon, fortuneatly it was pushing us down. It was lots of fun, a real thrill, next time we'll go earlier in the morning when the wind is calmer. They said the day before they had four balloons, but the wind had come up and broke the ropes! They ended up crashing on the other side of the airfield and a lady broke her shoulder, and two of the balloons were trashed. The guy I was with said it was a wild ride and he was hiding in the bottom of his basket. They were big heavy ropes tied off to pickup trucks, hard to imagine them breaking. Charlie said he saw me on TV news on Monday morning too.

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