Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fall leaves

We have taken several drives through the country side to take pictures of the fall leaves. Oregon dosen't have much red in the native trees, but lots of bright yellows in the maples and alders. I took a bunch of pics along the creek in Tyee and up along the North Umpqua by Fall Creek waterfall. The trail to the falls was closed but the lower area was very nice, we had a picnic along the creek perched up on the rocks. I am playing with the pics in photoshop, one of my favorite methods is to increase the contrast a bit, and then turn it into a negative. This makes the yellow leaves a beautiful blue/purple, I'd like to use several of these types of pics in my next wall hanging.

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  1. Nice photos of fall leaves. Got some duplicate photos. Also a duplicate in your balloon ride photos. Dad