Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Computer

I have upgraded my computer finally! To a Pentium 4, old one was a One, very slow!!!! It is nice to have speed, and a wireless connection. I splurged and got a bigger monitor, a 19", WOW is it ever big and clear. I took some pictures of a little bag I made for my CD player. I like carrying it with me when I go for a walk, but don't want to hold on to it. I still need to add a shoulder strap. I have always wanted to try quilting a piece of fabric and then painting it. This highlights the texture and detail of the quilting. I used a foam roller brush and metallic copper acrylic paint over a deep blue fabric. I used hot pink cotton thread for the quilting, so this adds extra color too. I added a twisted ribbon, yarn, netting, for a wrapped look, across the front of the piece and added beads and vintage buttons. It will hold my CD player and a few CD's, a strap will help, I want to find a nice cording to use, and twist it with several yarns.

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