Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finished TeePee quilt

I finished the TeePee quilt, and named it "A Room With a View" The quilting really added a lot of texture. I used rayon threads, and it is densely quilted with a raw edge applique technique. I used matching threads in most places for the applique. A recent article in Quilting Arts magazine, about thread painting, helped me to do the reflections in the lake. Instead of using just blue thread in the lake quilting, I used green and sand to reflect the mountains and shoreline, also used cream to add a little reflection to the Teepees in the back left edge. In the front I used a variegated brown rayon (light, med. and dark) to reflect the tree trunks and the deer. I filled in the remainder of the area with shades of blue. This added another layer of depth to the scene, and made it more realistic. The deer and eagle were stitched with a clear nylon zigzag, so that the thread did not hide any of the detail of the cutout pieces, yet secured them very well.

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