Sunday, June 6, 2010

TeePee Wallhanging

My next project, after the quilt show, is to finish up a wall hanging that I've had on the wall for quiet a while. It is a landscape, with a hand painted background, and mountains and trees and a lake shore. The background was painted with Tsukineco inks onto muslin, in blues with shades of violet and pink, the colors came out so nice, it looked like I could divide it in half and have a sky/lake reflection effect. I made a row of mountains, with several layers of trees in front and a sandy beach front. On the left, in the middle ground is a promontory with shrubs, a tree, grasses and two deer, on a beach with sand and rocks. A small island is on the right. It sat on my wall for almost a year. It needed something more in the foreground. The tavern I go to called the "TeePee" needed something for a fund raising auction, for their 50th anniversary party. So I decided to add a Teepee looking out over the lake, with a large pine tree, on the front right corner. This balanced the rest of the picture and gave it good depth, with several layers of land jutting out into the lake. I added an eagle in the top left corner, to balance the large pine tree and teepee. The teepee is muslin but I hand painted some shading on it, and several reddish symbols around the bottom. It is still being quilted with matching rayon threads.

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