Sunday, April 10, 2011

Artist's Trading Cards

I have been making some Artist's Trading Cards (ATC's) to trade with people, if you would like one let me know, or send me one of yours. They are small, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" rectangles, the size of baseball cards, that artists make and trade with other artists. They have been lots of fun to do. I started out with acrylic paints, colored & patterned tissue paper and pieces torn from magazines. I collaged them on either brown paper bag or watercolor papers. These background were then decorated, painted and embellished with different art work. I stenciled some small birds on a few, and added leaves, nests, sayings etc. Some I added scraps from other painting pieces and stitched them on or couched yarns over them, I added buttons and seed and bugle beads to them. I used a little bit of angelina fibers on a few of them. Each one is different, and has a fun feel to them, I backed them all with manila file folders, signed my name and date, and gave each a title. I love giving them titles, the title is often my favorite part of my quilting too. I love puns, plays on words, distorted quotes, and fun sayings. Often my quilting starts with the title and the creativity flows from it. I am going to take them to the Fyber Cafe meeting on Tuesday, to see if members of my art group would like to trade a few. One thing I really learned was the difference between matte and glossy!!! The acrylic medium I got to use is matte, but it is expensive, I also got a bottle of Mod Podge for decoupage, but it is glossy, it comes in matte too, but I got the glossy. Wow, shiny!! It is hard to photograph the pieces because of the shine, and it takes away a lot of the texture from my dyed cheesecloth. But the matte is kinda dull, but it does work to seal the paint and embellishments, and can be used as a glue, but I think the mod podge can too. I think I'll try to find semi-gloss, or mix the two and see what happens. Will post photographs later. Any one wanting to trade, let me know.

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