Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dear Jane, A Few Blocks

Here is a photo of my "Dear Jane" blocks in progress, I have over 50 of them done. They are in 1920-30's fabrics from my stash, the solid colors are vintage too. I just keep plodding along, finding a new scrap for each block, a few at a time. I did some applique blocks while I was in California, so that got about 8 done. I just don't "Feel" like doing much of anything right now, so I just do another, and another, and another of these things. They are addicting, but I'm not real jazzed up by them either, each one can take up to an hour, cause they sure aren't simple, even though they are small. Some of them are very challenging, and about 5 so far, I don't even want to try. Playing with the vintage fabric has been the most fun, I do love the colors and fun patterns! Only 115 more to do, so I am almost 1/3 of the way done!

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