Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August Give Away

I've noticed several blogs have a monthly giveaway, to entice people to check out their blog, so I am going to start doing this. Post a comment on the end of this post, before the end of the day on the 5th. I will choose a random number from the posts to win one of the change purses I made. Your choice of fabric from the posts yesterday and today. Good Luck!

Today's fabric choices are purple pansies, sunflowers, bright butterfly/birds, and thimble mice. These are so fun to make, I just can't stop! I still need to get some more snaps, I'm sewing a few on at a time. I had some beautiful Laurel Burch fabric in teal with horses, but the horses went the wrong way on the stripe, too bad. :(

We are getting ready for our dye workshop this weekend!! YEA!! The highlight of my summer. We are going to try ice dyeing, marbling, and as usual dye painting, parfaits, tie dye, & Shibori techniques. As much as we possible can in two days, so check back next week, when I post all the fun stuff we did.
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  1. Replies
    1. Its not letting me post, Amy! Just wanted to say I LOVE YOUR WORK! Youre the most talented and gifted artist ever!! xoxo's Joy M.

  2. You sure are a rockin cool textilean and artist/quilter Amy. Trying to join your blog if possible and posted your giveaway out on facebook. Hope it helps.

  3. Just thinking. Have you ever considered doing a state insect or bird series for your purses above Amy? ie. the state insect of WA is the Green Darter Dragonfly and the state bird is the Gold Finch. Yes, Im partial to my transplanted home state, though the state insect of IL is the monarch butterfly and state bird is the Cardinal. Or how about a state flower series? WA is the Pacific Rhododendron and the IL is the violet. You could market your designs + creations as state specific etc. Anyway, just chillaxin and thinkin. Ohh ya, btw, mylifesopera is me Steve Baldwin. I posted your August giveaway out on facebook. Hope it helps. Have a great week. Steve.

  4. I think the purple pansies one is pretty;)

    1. Andri, you are the winner, I'm having trouble emailing you, send me your address, my email is on the face book badge on the blog, Amy