Monday, July 22, 2013

Ocean Waves

I have been working on my beach scene again, I have to get it done. Choosing ocean fabric was not easy as I have quiet an assortment of blue water fabric. I pulled out the appropriate fabrics, and arranged them by value and color, from gray blue, to clear blue and a bit of blue green. Trying to work out a value placement, the lighter grayer blues in the distance, changing to blue green at the left, and then the brighter blues closer to the shore. These values seam to be working out, but I want to put it back on my design wall to really look at it.
I am working on my dining room table right now, to have the length and be able to reach it all. I am doing raw edge applique, so a little dab of glue stick with a toothpick, along all the edges, is holding everything in place. The black dots are LOTS of straight pins, until I get the glue in place. All the white areas of foam will have cheesecloth bunched on it, with free motion stitching to create lots of texture. Bits of angelina fibers will add sparkle and reflections and clear glass beads will look like bubbles. It will look very different when it is done.
The sky is a long piece of hand dyed blue that I made specially for this project, it has bits of purple in it too, and wasn't quiet long enough, so I needed to piece it, wisps of blue are feathered along the join to camouflage it. I will probably add more of the wisps for contrast and texture in the sky, although, does the sky NEED texture?

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