Monday, July 15, 2013

The Last One!

I did it!! I finished the last "Dear Jane" block, #G-6 the star in a star, even tho the tag says G8. It had tiny pieces, but it really wasn't that difficult to sew. I had more problems with some of the other blocks, that had diamond shapes, or inset squares. I don't think I'm going to do the triangles for the border right now, I do have other things to do. I will get out a sheet and lay them all out on the living room floor, so I can see if I want to keep them in order, or swap some of the blocks around, for balance or contrast. Deciding on the fabric to use for the sashing will be the next challenge, and getting them all sewn together. Again, rejoice, I AM DONE!! There are a total of 169 4 1/2" blocks, and 3478 pieces, so far. With the border triangles, Jane used 5602 pieces, and proudly embroidered it on the signature corner, with the date 1863. Going through all my blocks and counting the pieces, I found two duplicates, a waste of effort, and one that was missing, so I quickly made it up, an easy checker board pattern. DONE!

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