Friday, November 22, 2013

Foto Friday - Negative Space

These photos could be about line and pattern, but to me they are about negative space. Do you pay attention to negative space when you are designing? The cast iron tractor grill, could have been symmetrical, but as the perspective changes, the negative space changes, even though the pattern is the same. The cracks in the wall, are just as important as finding the right fabric for the stone texture.
Negative space can also be defined as silhouette, as this telephone line connector and the scroll ironwork show. Where the background is more important then the lines, then you are thinking of the negative spaces.
I would use a beautifully hand dyed or painted sunset sky fabric for behind the scroll work. Or multi colored flowers for a garden scene. The tree branches would show up in stark contrast to a turquoise sky.
The cast iron chair back has lots of detail, the Greek Key pattern depends on black and white, the fan is defined by the negative space wedges.
Circles and the interior they define are classic shapes, overlapping circles have words for their negative space, apple core & football and these shapes can tessellate.
The metal sculpture is at a lake in Washington, it has circles overlapping, but the negative space is very different from the razor wire. I think this photo would make a nice mosaic pattern with Japanese fabrics in the white spaces on a navy solid. Pay attention to the all the space you design with, not just the lines and patterns you are making, but the background, silhouette, and cracks. Try to make a negative in Photoshop to show you more options, to make the negative shapes the positives shapes.

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