Saturday, November 2, 2013

Slightly Breezy

The full title of this piece is "Slightly Breezy with a Chance of Dragonflies." I made it from two 8" x 10" Gelli plate prints, sewn side by side. It is over printed with stencils in darker green and detailed with sequin waste, and a hexagon print, also metallic gold paint. I have added three 3-D thread painted dragonflies, with loose wings, only the bodies sewn down. It is for the new Fyber Cafe challenge, "Weather Report."
I did not do any quilting in the background, as I would usually do, this left the stems and other details to show up better. The border is a Bali batik. I can't wait to quilt the other layered botanical prints that I made.


  1. Your gelli print quilts are beautiful! I only wish my prints would come out this nice. You did a great job on them, they're fantastic.

  2. These Gelli prints are only one layer, then stenciled and stamped. I'm still having trouble with multiple Gelli prints. I tried light then dark paint, thinner watery paint, dark paint then light, I'm still not happy with the transparency, and my cheap bottles of paints. Check out the Bandon Retreat posting and the Gelli prints I made there.