Saturday, February 8, 2014

Oregon Gardens Quilt Show 2014

"Curiously Enchanting" was one of the wonderfully embellished quilts at the Oregon Gardens Quilt Show. Six of us from the Fyber Cafe group, went up to Silverton, East of Salem, to see the show. Click here for the Gardens It was a fun adventure, see the Fyber cafe blog for more details and photos click here for Fyber Cafe It was a great mid-winter adventure, the weather was beautiful, the company interesting and creative, and the show had a large variety to meet everyone's taste in quilting. 20 vendors enticed us into their lairs, to purchase MORE fabric, as if we really needed more. Walking around the gardens, lunch in Salem, shopping at Greenbaum's Quilted Forrest, and the art shop next door, wore us out. It was a full eventful day.
The Tiger is done with Tskinecko inks, the Pedal Power is part of a fabric challenge, and the hands remind me of my Leonardo da Vinci art quilt. Just a few of the wonderful quilts we saw that day.

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