Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentines Day 2014

I spent the day keeping my honey company in the VA Hospital, he is on his 2nd round of pneumonia. They have been pumping him with various types of antibiotics, for days now. He is ready to escape and have real food. I haven't been doing any hand sewing while I am there, probably should take something, and haven't done anything at home. The best part of the day was sharing a piece of Red Velvet cake on his lunch tray. We also had a visit by about 2 dozen Grange members, from Southern Oregon, who brought cards, treats and a duffel bag with goodies. The bag included gloves, socks and a BEAUTIFUL HAND CROCHET AFGHAN!! What a treasure for Valentines Day! I have made, over the years, probably 100 Baby Quilts for our local hospital, women's shelter, and the Children's Hospital in Portland. Also larger quilts for returning Veterans, Camp Millennium(kids cancer) and other projects. It was such a surprise to be on the receiving end of this generosity of spirit. It sure cheered me up, and I NEEDED IT! I went out to the lobby and shared some hugs and thank yous, with a bunch of them. Quilters have always been wonderfully sharing with their time and skills, I Thank all of you who participate in these programs with your local guild or national projects, keep up the good work! Heartfully AMY. Also the Cancer Center has a whole basket full of hand knit hats, volunteerism lives on in America.


  1. Good luck Amy... wishing your husband is well soon and you are back to sewing. Sewing is theraputic.

  2. Thank you LeeAnna, he is finally feeling better after the pneumonia, and I have gotten a few minutes in my studio, mostly still playing with my stencils.