Sunday, June 1, 2014

And the Winner Is...

And the Winner Is... Bonnie! Yea! For the Frog draw string bag.
And the Winner is... Dottie! Yea! for the teal wall hanging. I'll get this off in the mail to Santa Cruz.

Thank you all for looking at my blog over the years. The 20,000 page view went by quickly this week. I started my blog in August 2009, to just share some of the art quilting that I am doing. It quickly became a record of my work and a "How To" of all the different techniques that I've tried. I love to try new stuff, materials, techniques, styles, and themes. But the best feeling is when I have a challenge or a new idea, and all these studies come together to create something of my own. Knowing when to use folding for texture, or my hand dyed cheese cloth. Knowing when to use Shiva Oil pastels, or Tskinecko inks, or acrylics. Then all my training and playing around gels into something interesting. Thank you for watching my artistic growth, on my blog, I hope you learned something as well. My most viewed blog page is still "How to Thread Paint a Dragonfly" click here it receives 5-8 views a week. Next up is "Birch Trees" click here It is a combination of Gelli Prints with a stencil and snippets of fabric. Creating dimension & texture with muslin and tissue paper, is the next most popular, clcik here it is a technique I learned on the blog "And Then we Set it on Fire" click here a wonderful technique oriented blog that I have gotten a lot of info from. So as I move forward, I am looking forward to the next 20,000 visitors, to meet all you wonderful people in blog land, and to sharing my art. Please leave comments, I like to know what you think of my work. Thank you! AMY

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