Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Discharging a Birthday

Our guest of honor Gabby with her grandmother Susan, came over to discharge T-shirts for a 10th birthday celebration. We began by painting Jacquard Discharge paste through a stencil, with a foam brush.
Using a steam iron takes concentration. The iron activates the discharge paste to remove color from the T.
The luck of the birthday girl. This blue T-shirt has an underlying color of orange! Wow!
Susan's burgundy T-shirt had lots of contrast, and her leaf stencils showed up very well.
Amy's red T-shirt came out very well, some extra ferns were added later.
The large rose on the front of the black T-shirt, got company of a flight of butterflies and dragonflies on the backside.
The blue and orange combo makes this a very striking T-shirt, it took more effort and concentration to get the whole stencil done.
Hawaiian orange with large jungle leaf, rose and more butterflies and dragonflies, finish off the fashion show.
Grandma Susan, Gabby and Amy, show off their finished T's. A new back to school wardrobe, then lunch out with Grandma and Grandpa, make a wonderful Birthday treat.

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  1. Great t-shirts and what a fun birthday project!

  2. Genius! The perfect birthday treat. I love the element of surprise not knowing just what will be left behind after the primary dye is removed.

  3. What a neat idea! Where do you buy the discharge?