Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Kahlua/Brandy Truffles

A few of my dark chocolate Kahlua/Brandy truffles, there are more that I'm still rolling into balls. They won't win any beauty contests, perfect balls are not happening, they are too gooey to roll nicely. Of course these are the 3rd batch, the first two magically disappeared! The 1st was just brandy, whew! strong, the 2nd just Kahlua, rich but mild, the 3rd is a combo of Kahlua and brandy, like the 3 bears, these are just right. I've given away most of them, but I sneak at least one every evening, maybe after lunch, before lunch, every time I walk through the dinning room is more like it. EVERYONE HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY!! I'm going to be doing lots of sewing, being off of work for 2 weeks this time of year, is shear luxury.

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