Sunday, May 10, 2015

Bernina Gift

I am so blessed, a long time quilt guild friend and Fyber Cafe member, has given me her older Bernina 730. It has the embroidery module on it. Wow! Also loads of disks and packets of CD patterns. Also 2 huge binders of instructions on using the software and special attachments. I did find the basic start up manual, thank GOD, I was getting a little over whelmed. Now to find room in my very crowded sewing room, for all of this and more, bags of thread, discs and patterns. I have always wanted to get an embroidery machine, this will be so fun to play with on summer vacation, when I want to stay inside with the air conditioner. I am cleaning up Charlie's "Man Cave" of tools and junk, sorting out the many items, 5 hammers and six saws, just too much stuff. I am going to make it into a painting/dyeing area, so all my shoe boxes of supplies can go down there, freeing up room upstairs in the sewing room. Back to work I go, gotta sort thru everything.

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