Sunday, April 26, 2015

Putting it All Together

Rows A-E starting to go together.
After a hectic weekend for my husband's funeral, I was finally able to relax. All the family had been up from California, as the last left on Wednesday, I took a long nap. Thursday was busy doing NOTHING, and by Friday I was ready to get back to my sewing machine. I had planned on putting together the Dear Jane blocks during spring break, but I worked in the yard and cleaned house instead. I reclaimed from a lost box, the 1920's solid green yardage. I had several pieces, the one large enough to do the sashing with was a bit darker than I remembered. But it is a nice neutral, but a little on the gray side. It tones down some of the brighter fabrics, contrasts well with the darker ones, but blends too much with the mid-tone fabrics. I have a very large piece of an even darker green that I will use for the backing.
All the solid and print fabric is from the 1920-40's. I decided that I would try to machine quilt it in sections, on my home sewing machine. So I put together rows A-E, F-H, and I-M, I think these are a manageable size. I will figure out how to add the triangle border later. It may need some serious hand work and fudging to get in the corner kites.

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