Friday, June 5, 2015

Inspiration Iris

Last Saturday's inspiration excursion, was to Schreiner's Iris Gardens just North of Salem. The 10 acre display gardens are lush with an astounding variety of iris, inter-planted with perennials and annuals, lupine, columbine, alliums, clematis, larkspur, poppies and more. It is all surrounded with fields of blooming iris, with every color under the sun, the name iris comes from the Latin for rainbow. Lots of photo opportunities, and textile art inspiration.
The speckled one might be fun to try with some decolourant.
Columbine are hard to photograph because of their 3-demensionality, the spurs stick out the back and the cups come forward. Sara went on our girls road trip with us.
This tall peach colored plant is a fox tail lily, very intricate and delicate color. It was a beautiful clear day, about 70', perfect for wandering up and down the rows, trying to pick a favorite from all the many choices. Then down a shaded columbine, hosta and rhododendron alley to another garden. The gift shop was still open and we each got a plant or two, I got a red wine colored one, and a smaller iris with white top and bottom, but burgundy stripes on the bottom petals. The best time to visit the gardens is between Mother's Day and Memorial Day, any time in May, they were a little early this year due to our mild winter. Next we went across the highway to Aldeman's Peony Gardens, see the next post. Then into downtown Salem for lunch and our favorite quilt shop, Greenbaum's Quilted Forest. With stops at the art supply store next door, and a scrapbook store kitty corner.

I will link this to Nina-Marie's "Off the Wall Friday" click on the badge in the right hand column to see what other talented textile artists are doing.

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