Saturday, September 19, 2015

Dyeing Revealed

The dyeing project from last weekend is finished, with a wash in Synthrapol and dried and ironed. See last weeks post on the dyeing process. The first piece was ice dyed, wonderful colors and texture, the fabric is folded in half for the picture, so it is a larger yard and a half of fabric. The second piece is the one that was scrunched up on the wire rack. Rainbow color spots and lots of blending. This is a 2 yard piece.
The second piece of ice dyed fabric, shows the "Flower bloom" of the pattern as the fabric was pushed through the grid of the plastic basket. Crimson red, burgundy and purple dyes were added to the turquoise, navy, royal blue combo that was used in the first one.
Here are the results of the tub dyed "Parfait" layers. A different color dye was poured on top as each layer of fabric was put in the tub. The effect and cross color mixing was the result of scrunching the fabric and adding dye on top of dye.
Each of these pieces is a 1/3 yard strip, folded up to take the picture, there is a lot of patterning as the length unfolds. I still have some dyes left over, and got 8 more yards of white fabric at Joann Fabrics sale yesterday, as long as the weather holds nice and warm, I'll do a little bit more.

I am linking this up with Nina-Marie's "off the Wall Friday" click on the badge in the right hand column to see what other Very talented textile artists are doing.

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