Friday, September 4, 2015

Row by Row Continues

My row by row adventure continues, They are something I can do in little bits of time, and don't take much space. They finish quickly, just tracing the fusible, choosing fabric and then ironing it all together. I really like the Think Big one, the little fish with the shark fin on his back. They look like they need fins, I keep wanting to add them, but then I think they are goldfish crackers and the shape is just fine as it is. The sunset is really a beautiful orange at the top, with a deep purple with metallic gold in the center, I tried adjusting the color in Photoshop, but could not get it right. Those three are patterns I got on my trip to Seattle to see my sister. I went specifically at the time I would get past Portland about 10am when the shops were open. I hit Woodland, Kelso, Longview, Castle Rock, Centralia, & Tumwater. The shops were each individual, I liked Castle Rock the best, a cute little town with an old down town area. I had lunch at a little cafe, better than the McDonalds by the freeway exit. By that time I was hitting rush hour traffic in Tacoma/Seattle and did not dare get off the Interstate. I would never have made it back on. Of course I spent money in each shop, planning on sticking with the plan of only getting a few fat quarters, NOT!!! I had to have this and that, more water fabric for the Row by Row, more red fabric, just because, some "Glow-in-the-Dark" white Halloween fabric. If the owner had not mentioned the white fabric was glow in the dark, I would not have looked at it twice, much less bought any. While visiting my sister, we went to Monroe, Snohomish and Everett. I had a wonderful time, just hanging out with her. We went to the local farmers market, and lunch with my niece. I chose to drive home Saturday, less traffic, and instead got a torrential downpour, nasty nerve wracking driving. But the dedicated Quilter that I am, I stopped at two shops in Tacoma, getting lost trying to find the 3rd one, and found the one I missed in Olympia. Also Woodland, 'cause they weren't open when I went up. I braved Vancouver by getting off at the exit with the street name of one of the shops. But... the road went for miles and of course the shop was at the far end. The rain tapered off a bit by the time I hit Portland, so the rest of the drive was ok, but I did not get home til about 8pm. I collected a total of 13 Row by Row patterns. As one of the shop owners told me I was doing "FART" a Fabric Acquisition Road Trip. So now I have seen the East coast, Midwest and the Northwest, all in one summer. With only one day of vacation left to do laundry and get ready for the start of the school year. Back to school bus driving, my 24th year.
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  1. EnJOYed seeing your Row by Row blocks. I finally collected enough last Thurs for a quilt thinking I had 8 but actually ended up with 9 patterns. Some of them won't be easy and I see you got some detailed pieces as well. Turning out to be a very expensive quilt since I'm a scrap and old clothing user.