Saturday, December 19, 2015

Carving in December

While checking some blogs that I follow, I found Terri Stegmiller's post about Lino Carving click here She does some wonderful stamp carving, and she inspired me to break out my box of supplies. I keep picking up another chunk of "Moo Carve" every time I go to Eugene or any where else that has an art supply store. It is a soft carve-able material in gray, that is thick enough, that I can carve both sides, giving me more economical material. I haven't really done anything with them yet, but I like making them. The inspiration will come for a project eventually. I had a 4" block that I cut down to four, 2" x 2" blocks.
I carved a quarter pattern on each section, so that when stamped like a tile, you have the whole pattern. I think they came out pretty good for a first time, but I can see where I have to line up the lines better where they meet the edge. But it has a rustic hand made feel to it. I will eventually use fabric paints on fabric, not the ink on paper, sample I printed.
My pink ink pad was running out of ink, but they printed alright. Also check out Julie Balzer's blog click here on the left column, she has a section of stamp carving posts and info, she is a wonderful designer, and makes stencils too. She has a challenge called "Carve December" where you make a new carving every day. I don't think I have that much material, but I also like to carve Dollar Store packs of erasers.

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