Saturday, December 26, 2015

Recovering Studio Chair

During last weeks studio cleanup, I found a large piece of upholstery fabric. My poor beat up bedraggled chair needed recovering. I had a towel thrown over it. I have recovered it before, but the fabric was all worn through in several places. Notice the front right corner, worn clear down to the metal edge.
I don't think the fabric is bark cloth, though it looks like it, it is too heavy, perfect for my chair. I made a large oval with a draw string, very simple. I got out the shoe polish box and found some nice sturdy shoelaces to use. I did add a little more batting to it, a layer of poly for softness, and a layer of cotton batting for sturdiness. I am so happy with my new chair! It was a quick and easy Christmas day project. Merry Christmas to every one in Bloglandia.

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