Saturday, January 22, 2011

LaBrie's Barn and Sheep"

This quilt is more traditional in construction, I pieced it with 1" to 2" sashing in various bright lime green prints. The photos are printed on treated fabric on my computer. The photo is of the LaBrie Barn on Garden Valley Blvd, in Roseburg, Oregon. Last year I chased around the area with my camera trying to get pics of the new lambs. They like to run to the other side of the field when I approach, it didn't help that I had the radio blaring in the car when I opened the door. We finally figured it out at the 4th field, ha ha ha. I had left over lambs, that I cut out and added with fusible web, they were "outside the box" and added a lot of movement. I call them free range lambs, cause they didn't stay in the photos. I added a little bit of red colored pencil to brighten up the barn a bit and to add color to the wagon and fence post, they were pretty gray, I used a rusty color to warm them up. It is free motion quilted with rayon threads, and clear nylon monofilament to outline the lambs. The border is a wood pattern fabric, like a window frame.

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