Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Pay it Forward" Projects

Right after New Years, someone on facebook decided to start a "Pay it Forward" project, the first 5 people to sign up got a handmade goodie from that person, and had to post the challenge on their page, and make handmade stuff for the next 5 people to sign up with them. I managed to get signed up with Sue Cutsogeorge, and Darla Shannon to make me something. I am making stuff for, my friends Tisha, and Darcy, and cousins Dawn and Joy, and my sister's best friend Darla. I'm also making something for my sister Vicky, after all she is my sister. I started making these cute little pouches, got the fabric cut and made a few, but wasn't real happy with them. I will finish them and give them also, but I decided I needed to make something more "Me." I am taking one of my original photographs, printing an 8" x10" image onto fabric, and I'll free motion quilt and embellish all the photos, to make a small wall hanging. Picking out the photos to use for each individual was very special, I asked them for favorite colors and favorite flowers. I've got two almost done and I will take them with me on my trip to Seattle next week. I am not going to post photos yet of the finished pieces, cause I want to give them as gifts first, so I'll post later. Working in the small format of 8" x 10" is fun, just big enough to get good detail, but small enough to be easy to finish, and the embellishment doesn't get carried away, tho I am adding a lot of beads to one of them. Quilters call this size "Journal Pages" from the "Journal Quilt Project" from a few years back, when people signed on to do a page a week for a year. Using a photograph makes it very personal, and fulfilling.

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