Saturday, January 22, 2011

"Summer, Plate Licker"

"Summer, Plate Licker" was my Christmas vacation little project, it is only 8" x 10". The photo was taken by my Dad, Bud Cruger at the Thanksgiving table, when Summer put her nose over the edge of the table looking for goodies. I traced the photo on to clear plastic sheet protector, and scanned it into my computer. I enlarged to 8 x 10, because I don't like making people or animals bigger than life size. It always makes them look too weird. I used raw edge applique to construct the picture with different bits of fabric and quilted/appliqued with matching rayon threads, in rust, tan and white and black. A cool blue/teal background contrasted with the warm colors of Summer. My machine died right then so I haven't gotten the binding on yet. I'll send it to my sister Vicky when I am done, as it is her dog, and my nephew's.

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