Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fun in the Sun

I have designed a beach scene for a quilt, using several photos I took at Bastendorf beach and several other places. One of the books I read on making patterns for quilted people was inspiring. I had always made quilts of people I knew, I had to get the right photo/pose and want to do that person. But the book put the notion in my head, that it wasn't who you knew, but to tell a story with the body language. I took a lot of photos of kids playing at the beach, two teens skim boarding, boys running, and a girl in the water, also a cute little girl in a turquoise jumper. At another trip to the beach we passed a little boy with a bucket bending down to play with the sand. I added several other small touches, a kayaker, a dog swimming with a ball, and my friend kite flying. I created a small beach scene with all the figures, trying very hard to get the perspective right, as the figures moved further down the beach. I added a friend's dog "Tarza" to the main group of figures around a sand castle. I made sketches and enlarged them on the computer, and flipped a few of them left to right. I had the copy shop make a larger print of the finished drawing so the detail on the figures wouldn't be too small to work with. It looks like a fun scene, with every one playing in the water and sand. I started to work on the one figure of the turquoise girl with "Wonder Under" fusible interfacing. Finding contrast with the background beachy sand will be a challenge and to find a good water print I like. This will be a longer term project as I do one figure at a time, and search for background fabrics.

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