Saturday, January 28, 2012

Twisty Pointy Bags

For Christmas presents I made some small drawstring bags. I found a pattern for a Japanese bag, where the first part is sewn as a windmill, and the sides swirl up on the bias, it results in points of fabric at the top. It recommended cutting off the points and sewing on loops for the drawstring. I said "no way!" the points are the best part. I had remembered seeing somewhere, a finishing technique where the points were folded over and a channel made for the cording. I finished my bag with this method and love the results. I showed the bag at our textile art group meeting and everyone loved it and wanted to make them at the next meeting. So I made a handout with directions and everyone brought fabric and a few sewing machines. My first bag was made with a faux-sashiko technique on indigo fabric. I used Jacquard De-colourant, in a small needle tip bottle, through a stencil I made small dashes to make a pattern to imitate the Japanese stitching technique. One of the strips did not bleach out very well, so I made an extra piece by printing small maple leaves onto the fabric with the de-colourant. I love this one the best, it is for me! I made several others for presents, some with four strips, some with narrower 8 strips, in a variety of prints.

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